Underwater ★★

If I can I usually never look at who the screenwriter is before watching a film because I don't want to prejudge it. However, not even 20 minutes into the film I could already tell that a dude wrote it based on how the female characters acted and how the men treated them. So, I googled to check and boy was I right. Their credits didn't inspire confidence for the rest of the movie. Those writers owe Blake Snyder money because that was one of the most formulaic films I have seen in a while. It just wasn't a good story. It had no heart, but bless it's heart it tried.

Hey at least the film was kinda visually interesting...the parts of it that weren't too dark for me to see. Boy, I am a sucker for a good slow mo. Honestly, my favorite parts of the film were the great choices for the slow motion.