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  • Oleanna


    The Mamet-iest Mamet that ever Mamet-ed:
    The fast-talking man who's condescending to the newcomer, the deception, the Mamet-speak where some lines are recited rather than spoken by real people. It's all there, x1000, & even the great William H. Macy can't save 1.5 hours of:
    John: *insert half-interrupted monologue*, "You see?"
    Carol: "but why???" [mysterious side-eye]
    *interrupting back and forth ad infinitum*

    Wrongheaded and endlessly infuriating, even more so in the #MeToo age.
    1 star for Macy's performance.

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    H-O-L-Y Shit.
    I'm at a loss on how to review this one after just one viewing.
    As a story, MI3 & Rogue Nation are both more satisfying. As an action film, this is the crowning achievement of the franchise.
    All I know is...when I watched this with my girlfriend, we both:
    -Sang along when the theme song started.
    -Nerded out when Simon Pegg showed up.
    -Got excited at every "Tom Cruise run" 
    -Nervously held hands during every amazing action setpiece.
    -Felt like we had been through something so special, thrilling, and cathartic.