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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I could (and hopefully will, given that it’s owned by Amazon) watch this 10 more times. Effortlessly expansive and focused at the same time. All in 90 minutes. Please learn, Martin, Quentin and others.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Delicious. Can’t quite stick the landing, but boy is it fun. Well, especially if you’re tuned into Lanthimos’ sensibility. Lots of old white people in my theater who kept exclaiming in surprise at his theater of cruelty, which is very subdued by his standards.

    All 3 ladies deserve awards. I’d much rather they be awarded as an ensemble.

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  • Andhadhun



    Coincidence: the movie. Starts off perfectly Hitchcockian (likely the premise borrowed from the short), but veers quickly into Coenesque plot mechanics, flirting with outright farce. With so many twists and so much plot, characters get seriously short shrift, but no point complaining about what was clearly the intention.

    And while the ending is nicely done, the coda ruins the tautness with an hitherto unstated friend ex machina. Always engaging in the moment, but well short of the classic that is Johnny Gaddaar.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Oh this will require some thinking. Reverend Taxi Driver for so long of it's running time, but ends up somewhere that I simultaneously saw coming and don't know how to assess.