The Queen's Gambit ★★★★

I've heard mixed thoughts on the series, but damn I really enjoyed it.

The music, acting, locations, cinematography, editing and of course Anya Taylor-Joy.

While the CGI (planes/buildings) for most things aside the chess pieces on the ceiling was distracting, the rest of the series was great.

Like a lot of my friends had mentioned "I love how it doesn't spend the whole time teaching you chess", while I don't play and my brother is quite good, I found it quite interesting.

After speaking to Allan Scott today he told me "Always start a scene sooner than you think, and always end a scene before you think you can".

This is also quite an achievement for writers as Allan had been trying to get this made for 30+ years, so never give up on your vision.

Allan also brought up the fact nobody mentions that fact that kids get given drugs in the orphanage, which is a great point.