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  • Daffy - The Commando

    Daffy - The Commando


    Daffy Duck knows what we all know: that Nazis ain’t got no humanity and need to be dee-stroyed.

  • Little Red Riding Rabbit

    Little Red Riding Rabbit


    There’s a VHS compilation of Looney Tunes shorts from WW2 (minus the racist ones, of course) that I would rent from Blockbuster practically every few months as a kid, and this one was front and center, so maybe this is a nostalgia rating. But man, the jokes in this one are a lot of fun. The bit where Bugs actually rats himself out is absolutely fantastic.

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  • Parasite



    A dazzling and brilliant display of mastery of acting, tone, editing, cinematography, and dialogue (with an ending a tad long, but Guernica ain’t perfect either), a movie that tells its tale with panache and intelligence and makes you laugh and gasp in horror in the same scene. So with that out of the way - I’m a Korean American who has been conflicted about his heritage his whole life and a fan of movies who has cared about the Academy…

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success


    Take two:

    Brutal, uncompromising and vicious, a movie that turns 1950s Manhattan into a labyrinth full of tigers where lives are made and destroyed over oysters at 11 PM at 21 Club, everyone knows even the angles to the angles (eg JJ’s secretary telling Sidney to save the chocolates he’ll give her for getting him a client for Christmas so it looks more up and up), and every line by the major players is spit out with enough venom to…