Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

As enjoyable as the first, if maybe a bit too “what if we made the whole plane out of the of-the-time jokes” in the first half, which thankfully fades once we really get down to the mystery and the flick reveals what it’s got working in its guts. It’s kinda funny seeing this so soon after Confess, Fletch, two different whodunnits with very different ways of spinning their respective yarns (but both with COVID jokes!) and with VERY different detectives at their centers; they both succeed in what they’re doing, thankfully, as Johnson can take what might seem like an unwieldy story structure and make it all work as precisely as a Swiss watch. Kinda funny that this has Oscar buzz and a big Netflix in-theaters launch where the Fletch movie got dumped onto Showtime after zero buzz, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Fine comedic performances all around, a satisfying climax, and Janelle Monae proving yet again that she’s got real chops - I don’t quite understand the Oscar Best Picture nomination talk, but I certainly would not say no to watching this again. Really enjoyed the cameos, too. Shout out to Jeremy Renner. Obligatory end of the review alert: Jessica Henwick, please club me over the head with a cricket bat

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