Hotel Coolgardie ★★★★

A frighteningly real insight into the darker side of Australian machismo and vile misogyny. I've never experienced more cultural cringe regarding my own country (and my home state) in my whole life.

There's a palpable sense of dread to the very simple format of the weekly title cards rolling on by, knowing that each one will be worse than the last, and seeing these women (Lina and Stephie) become more and more cornered and coerced by the men of the town. Similarly, it's deeply saddening to hear the stories that strike at the hearts of the vulnerabilities of these men, stories all too quickly covered up with mentions of violence out of fear of appearing like a "softcock".
Hotel Coolgardie is a wonderful and dark slice of Australiana - Lina, Stephie and Pete Gleeson see pointedly into this often sinister heart.

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