Charles has written 8 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not bad just not “there.” I can’t point to a single element that messed around with the bright colors. All safe and rote with some connective tissue to Logan that renders the extant X-Men timeline even more of a mess.

  • Head Count

    Head Count


    An hour of preamble before it all goes sideways. So overloaded with last-minute mythology, it never really has a chance to create intrigue.

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots


    Gorgeously shot and utterly cold and distant. There’s a great movie here that gives us insight into Elizabeth and Mary but tends to get mired in the petty scheming of the men if court. Really appreciated the diverse casting.

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    The clues to its puzzles exist out of sight of the viewer, so you never really feel part of the experience when one of its traumatized characters makes a leap in deduction. It only gets dumber as the plot vomits a mess of mythology/mystery all over you in the closing minutes.

  • Mon Mon Mon Monsters

    Mon Mon Mon Monsters


    Nasty and sort of aimless hangout with a crew of empathy-light teens and their captive monster.

  • Malevolent



    A haunted house movie with zero scares, leads with zero charisma, and a 1980s setting with no purpose (or real commitment to the period). 

    At a 90 minutes running time, it’s too long by an hour.

  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Empty puzzle box nonsense. Piles flashbacks on top of reveals to ultimately tell us very little. Which is nuts because EL ROYALE is stuffed with six movies' worth of stories - it just can't seem to decide if any of them are interesting or worth exploring to their conclusions.

  • Mile 22

    Mile 22


    Some sub-Clancy “American security by any means necessary” nonsense couched in a bunch of incomprehensible action. 

    Offers the MOST Mark Wahlberg performance filmed to date (This is his character from The Other Guys played completely straight).