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  • Sweet Home Alabama

    Sweet Home Alabama


    patrick dempsey:
    -a democrat
    -against the confederacy
    -a good person
    -good to reese
    -isn't from the south
    -a confederate
    -wouldn't divorce reese for 7 YEARS
    -made her feel like a bad person for breaking up with him and
    moving away when it's her life and she can do what she wants
    -is from the south
    the people in the town:
    -all confeds
    -all evil
    -all bullied reese for moving to new york until she
    thought she did something wrong…

  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright

    Jenny Slate: Stage Fright


    the way jenny slate effortlessly balances poop and masturbation jokes with heartwarming conversations about confronting loneliness and romanticizing life its called talent and she’s the only person who has it