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This review may contain spoilers.

Akira Kurosawa made one of the greatest films ever in the form of Seven Samurai.

The film is based in a farming village in a valley which is attacked regularly by bandits and thus in order to tackle them, they decide to fight for their own rice to survive by hiring samurais to defend the village.

It is a culmination of realisitc depiction of humanity along with the lives of people in war-like situation to an extent.

The treatment of soldiers (samurai here) in a war-like situation by civilians with their conflict between dependency out of fear vs terror of losing something precious to them.

The farmers in the film help in identifying the human nature in a state of fear, hopelessness, hunger, even selfishness and yet the sheer will to fight back till the end.

The ending of the film serves a powerful message that the ones swinging the blades are the ones who are always on losing side, even if they win the combat.

Some of the best characters I have seen in a single film. Seven Samurai is truly an epic for the ages.