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  • Vox Lux

    Vox Lux


    I dedicate these five stars to everybody who survived and persisted throught the 2018 Tumblr porn ban, we are true to our innermost trash asexual hypersexual, this movie is really good but also extremely bad, and you had to be there I guess.. I’m sorry; I will never watch it again, I don’t have to, 4 years later and the gifs are still pouring every single day.

  • Twilight



    (Sotolen from Tumblr:) I AM A very PROUD TWILIGHT MOM!
    This movie did so much for young girls and gays, I’ve seen the evidence.. it should have been bolder with punishing men for their inherent sins, tho. So cringe-apologetic, so consistently horny, can’t way for the besties to gather again for part two.