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  • Ankle Biters

    Ankle Biters


    I guess I was entertained because when I wasn’t being assaulted with poor taste and off color attempts at jokes, I was laughing while visualizing what kind of animals made this thing.  
    First off, you’re going to need your remote handy because the sound levels are so uneven. Then you can hear all the real important things that are contained in this shot-on-video, straight-to-video delight.
    Our leading man, Drexel, is a flabby The Rock knockoff written to be Blade.…

  • Drive



    Didn’t really know what I was going to get with this late 90’s actioner with nondescript cover art.  What I got was a absurd high octane Hong Kong style odd couple movie (a la Rush Hour). But this thing has everything to keep you entertained, huge explosions, car chases, creative acrobatic some crazy far out characters.  
    The plot seems like it could be an inspiration for 2006’s Crank.  Evil corporation makes a technologically altered bio weapon, Mark Dacascos,…

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  • Crumb



    So you think you like Robert Crumb?  You’re attracted to the psychedelic concepts and far out characters that inhabit the strange worlds he creates.  Maybe you’ve even seen some of the more bizarre sexual strips.  You want to take a peak behind that curtain?  I did...a couple of times.  What you will find may shock you even if you think you are prepared.
    Director Terry Zwigoff invites us into the childhood home of R Crumb where we meet his  mother…

  • Die Hard Dracula

    Die Hard Dracula


    It’s 1990 something and Dracula has returned for the very first time to some country in Eastern Europe that is not Transylvania but seems a lot like Transylvania, and he wants to consume as much blood from the few young beautiful woman around.  Steven is a young American who’s girlfriend just died tragically from a water sports accident.  When he wishes upon a CGed shooting star for her back, there is a mix up and a woman from that very…