Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

wow.. i haven't had this much fun watching a marvel movie in a while. i really watched 4 shitty marvel movies just to watch this film and it was 100% worth it. i really screwed up by not seeing this on the big screen. i could only imagine seeing the intoxicating cinematography, coloring, and CGI in imax.. if you couldn’t tell i’m very much so floored by the visuals. i'd also like to add that i typically don't enjoy marvel humor, but this screenplay was so well done and the timing was just perfect.. to the point where i was legitimately bursting out laughing. the performances were inevitably breath taking as watching cate blanchett play the villainous character of hela reminded me of my homosexuality alongside tessa thompson's empowering portral of valkyrie. the male performances were phenomenal as well, but watching both leading women dominate scenes with chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston made this film an even greater experience than i could ever imagine. taika waititi has restored my faith in marvel movies and i'm honestly really excited for infinity war and hope that the people behind this film have some part in making many more marvel films in the future.

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