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  • Birdman



    Top 200 movies
    Scavenger hunt 59
    Movie 7/29
    Task 22: Watch a movie you've seen before and didn't like, but that so many people you trust love you've realized you need to revisit it.

    First time I watched it was when I was 14 and honestly I thought it would be another super hero movie. I gave it 2/5 and at that time I wasn't really into movies, I just basically watched superhero movies with my friends. I was so…

  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    Top 200 movies

    Holy shit, I didn't expect this to be a 5 star but the movie left me speechless. Definitely my favorite Fellini movie so far. One of the best endings to a film ever, reminds me of Bong's movie Mother (2009). Giulietta Masina is so likeable and cute you can't help but feel sorry for her. Cinematography rocks, especially some of the shots at the bar and in the richman's house. The movie opens so many subjects that my mind still can't comprehend them all. I just can't wait to dug deeper into Fellini's filmography.

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  • All About My Mother

    All About My Mother


    Scavenger hunt 59
    Movie 21/29
    Task 2: Watch a movie about the AIDS crisis.

    [ My highest rated directors | 16x6 Directors challenge Almodovar 1/6 ]

    The beginning was kinda forced, It wanted to make big impact but it actually made me emotionless. I didn't care that much about that character because he had so little screen time. The middle was perfect but the ending again felt a little bit rushed but this time emotion was solidly handled. I love the colors in his films, especially the use of red.

    Minus point - no hot Banderas.

  • The Double Life of Véronique

    The Double Life of Véronique


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    Almost 4.5

    Kielowski makes art and poetry look so easy and fresh. Some people will call it pretentious but they are wrong because this is a simple film full of ideas to think about. It is definetely not your standard Hollywood movie so I can understand some bad ratings from people who aren't used to it. It is open to interpretion so everyone can have their own explanation of the movie and what it…

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  • Parasite




  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    Scavenger hunt 59
    Movie 17/29
    Task 10: Watch one more Oscar feature- a movie that won the Oscar for Best Score.

    The shoes were indeed red.