Inception ★★★★½

[My highest rated directors - #3 Christopher Nolan (9.10)]

Nolan rewatch marathon 2/10

Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

The whole movie feels like a dream, we are sure that we understand what's happening but at the end it all ends up being confusing just like in a dream when something weird (unrealistic) starts happening. Nolan perfectly nails the meaning of dreams (Lynch is also the director who really knows how to describe dreams) and what they represent. The world building is incredible, it honestly felt like I was dreaming... The first 30 minutes can be tough, it's a little stretched beginning and there are maybe too many exposition scenes with Ellen Page but I can get over that because this movie would be even more confusing without it. Cobb's character development is one of the Nolan's best, especially his relationship with his wife and what it means to give up on reality and lose everything you've ever loved. Zimmer's score really sets the mood of the movie, his music elevates the moment when all three dreams collide and we get back to reality... or do we actually???

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