Horror movie enthusiast. Unapologetic defender of Halloween: Resurrection and Jason X. He/him.

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  • Black Christmas
  • Jason X
  • The Banana Splits Movie
  • Shredder

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  • Slotherhouse


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  • Arnold



    One of my favorite recent discoveries. Wonderfully unpredictable and like a star-studded Tales From the Crypt episode.

  • Shanks



    William Castle ended his directorial career with a offbeat, kooky winner of a horror film. It has that great Castle feel, while it also feels like him going into new territory. It's a wonder that everyone came together to make this cheerfully bizarre movie.

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    HALLOWEEN ENDS might be the worst entry I've seen in the HALLOWEEN series. The filmmakers spilled their crummy CHRISTINE/LOST HIGHWAY/DRIVE homages in their HALLOWEEN sequel, but that's the least of its problems. It feels like nobody really wanted to make this movie, and so many characters' actions in this film don't make any sense at all. The scene towards the end at the junkyard is pretty funny, though.

  • The Horror Show

    The Horror Show


    If you see one movie in your life featuring a turkey with Brion James' head, make it this one.