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  • Johnny Gruesome

    Johnny Gruesome


    It's not as fun as ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE (what is, really?) and it has some dodgy CGI effects, but when's the last time you saw a screen villain try to smother a victim with his own entrails, or a skeleton flip two middle fingers to the other characters? JOHNNY GRUESOME has its moments.

  • Killer



    Imagine if you got the budget to make your own HALLOWEEN movie. You can put a killer in a Michael Myers jumpsuit, wield a big knife and kill the fuck out of unsuspecting victims for no reason on a random night, backed by a darn good synthesizer soundtrack and great cinematography. But you can't have him wear a mask, set it on Halloween, and you have to jettison the name "Michael Myers" and have the silent killer named "Martin Bristol"…

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  • Most Likely to Die

    Most Likely to Die


    Anthony DiBlasi has one of the more interesting resumes of horror directors; it seems to alternate between real extreme horror and work that you wouldn't typically associate with the guy who did the Clive Barker adaptation DREAD. His slasher MOST LIKELY TO DIE is one of the latter, which feels rather like soft pedal material, except for one really vicious decapitation and a part where a guy has the broken end of a hockey stick shoved down his throat.


  • Don't Go In the Woods

    Don't Go In the Woods


    DON'T GO IN THE WOODS never quite hits HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY 5 levels of bizarre, but it is quite the experience on its own. Its synthesizer score feels deliberately wonky, while some characters act like total cartoons and others feel closer to real people. The actors sound dubbed, which makes the experience weirder, while the killer lives in a house that just seems...full of garbage and booby traps that don't really work or hurt intruders. It's a slasher, but…