Offerings ★★★½

Before Rob Zombie helmed his vastly underrated (that's right, I'm about to say it) HALLOWEEN remake, there was OFFERINGS. It often follows the same beats, with its own synthesizer score. And honestly, I like it better than a couple HALLOWEEN sequels, just on pure garbage factor, with small little treats like the opening, which features some prime over- and underacting; the fact that our heroes mysteriously find a pizza and then eat it, finding what they know is not sausage (which they didn't order) and eat it anyway; and the best over-the-top graveyard caretaker I've ever seen.

There's also the funniest hanging kill I've ever seen and an overly confident deputy who is doing a crossword puzzle and asks aloud, "What's a five letter word for 'extinction?'" right before he dies. Sometimes, it just feels like they don't make them like this anymore.

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