Transformers: Dark of the Moon ★★★★½

A near perfect summer movie! Over time, people have read Internet trolls bad mouthing Michael Bay, and decided that was what the cool kids were doing, and joined the band wagon. I really don't understand it. One of my favorite negative comments I read online stated, "the first two of the movies sucked and this one was exactly the same". First off, you must have seen a different movie, and second, why go to the third of a series when you hated the first two?

As I've stated before, summer movies should have slap stick comedy, a pretty girl for the hero, and lots of stuff blowing up! The comedy can be argued over, but Bay is an action guy, his comedy will always only be so so. Rosie isn't the hottest girl in the world, but hottest with mild acting chops, believable as countable and able to defend herself, and willing to take the role; that puts her on the top five. As far as action, just as "The Dark Knight" raised the bar for comic book movies, this raised the bar for summer blockbusters. Very few things shown on screen didn't blow up, and when it comes to summer movies, that's what I want to see.

People take these movies too seriously. They are supposed to be fun! I may be wrong, but I doubt Michael Bay agreed to take on this series with the thoughts of, "I can top Every director that ever made, or will make a movie with these giant talking robots!" We should watch knowing that and accept it for why it is: Fun.