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  • Nemesis



    Some sikk action beats but everything in between is just sooo fuckinggggg dull. I can’t get on board with this brain dead lead actor at all, to the point where even Brion James with a RIDICULOUS German accent can’t compensate. Much like Cyborg, there’s nothing to this other than a bunch of random stuff stuck together, punctuated by some legit great practical effects - which is obviously enough for me most of the time, but nope. Maybe I just don’t like Albert Pyun??

  • Trucks



    Here’s an idea: make a movie where, for the entire second half, the sound of trucks honking their horns is near-constant. That won’t be irritating at all.

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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    Oh, another movie made by a dude in his forties where 12 year-olds do stuff like quote The Godfather Part 2 and reference Star Trek: The Next Generation. Goodie.

  • Cyclone



    Sometimes, when people ask me what kind of movies I like, I say "oh y'know, Altman and Scorsese and stuff" when really I mean "Fred Olen Ray movies about women who ride motorcycles and shoot lazers at people".