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  • Solo



    Insanely ripped Mario Van Peebles does outrageous impressions of the T-800 and/or Data while Adrian Brody plays a weaselly prick (surprise). A romance angle is hinted at but stops short of Van Peebles getting a full robo-boner, which is deeply disappointing. Aside from this massive flaw, Solo is the sort of dogshit that comforts me in my hour of need. Sort of amazed by the unanimous one-star reviews. Am I so out of touch?? No... it’s the letterboxd users who are wrong

  • Truck Stop Women

    Truck Stop Women


    Watched cuz I was curious about what an early Mark Lester exploitation joint might look like, but this is made up of everything I hate most in life. Appalling honky tonk music, rednecks screaming at eachother constantly, endless shots of trucks slowly turning round corners, slide-whistle level comedy... I can’t deal with this, man. Some fun casting choices, sure (uncle Leo! Hellooo!) but Showdown In Little Tokyo is a million miles from this dull hyuckfest.

    I suppose I gotta give it a point for featuring a song that appears to have been written from the viewpoint of a truck(??). Jesus Christ I hate redneck culture

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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    Oh, another movie made by a dude in his forties where 12 year-olds do stuff like quote The Godfather Part 2 and reference Star Trek: The Next Generation. Goodie.

  • Cyclone



    Sometimes, when people ask me what kind of movies I like, I say "oh y'know, Altman and Scorsese and stuff" when really I mean "Fred Olen Ray movies about women who ride motorcycles and shoot lazers at people".