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  • Creep



    an unexpected stroke of genius. subtle yet deeply effective. i haven’t been this unsettled by a horror movie in a long time !!

    can’t wait to watch Creep 2!

  • Gigi


    this film just exudes misogyny (and even pedophilia?), and even if i were able to look past that, it still falls flat in nearly every possible way.

    this has also got to be the most unmemorable musical i’ve ever seen! there’s not one good song in whole thing!! not even one!!!

    it also makes light of suicide in one scene??? i really don’t understand how anything about this film was seen as tasteful, even for the 1950s.

    hilarious to think…

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  • Mommy



    my soul left my body the second that Born To Die by Lana Del Rey started playing

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    Gael García Bernal in homoerotic movies is my absolute kink