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  • Juno



    hello i was bummed out because i found out that someone i thought i was friends with is actually a fake ass b*tch that secretly despises me SO i decided to watch this and now im kinda happy :))) Ellen Page is a treasure and the soundtrack is also great !! one of my fav feel-good movies

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    this was so hypnotizing, i couldn’t take my eyes off this film. i was hesitant about giving this more than 3 stars, since the loose narrative wasn’t doing much for me at first, but after i finished watching it i realized i wanted more of it. I was completely entranced by Star, her free-spirited gang, and their never-ending road trip. i already want to rewatch this.

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  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    David Lynch: Ranked

    ...Nothing will die. The stream flows, the wind blows, the cloud fleets, the heart beats. Nothing will die...

    I am DESTROYED!¡!!!¡!¡!!! Joseph Merrick deserved so much better he was such a pure soul :(((( Possibly Lynch’s most human film, and it’s also surprisingly one of his best!!

  • The Kissing Booth

    The Kissing Booth

    my friends made me watch this because they loved it... I’m now just realizing that I don’t have a single friend with decent taste in movies where can I apply for having friends that like the movies that I like?

    Dumbest shit I’ve ever watched I can’t believe this is the way that I decided to waste an hour and 40 minutes of my life