Air ★★★

A stone-cold new dad movie classic. Boomer dads the world over are going to fall asleep on the couch watching this thing for the rest of their lives. Yeah, it's disgustingly easy 80s nostalgia about how the real heroes are savvy marketing execs (Jason Bateman can't play anything else, huh) succeeding under late-stage capitalism, telling the most mind-numbingly boring behind-the-scenes story imaginable (I cannot stress enough how uninteresting contract negotiations about sports shoes are) – but there's something viscerally pleasurable about watching a bunch of solid actors like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Chris Messina play middle-aged guys with terrible haircuts who sit around in tangible physical spaces yelling profanities at each other over the phone. The first 50 minutes or so are a real delight; the back half eventually falls prey to the sheer dullness of the premise and what I can only describe as a misguided reach for inspirational sincerity. Perfect fluff for a Friday night when there's nothing better to do. Dudes rock.

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