Bon Schuur Ticino

Bon Schuur Ticino ★★

It's starting to verge on the pathologic that Swiss cinema can't seem to imagine a political comedy that isn't told from the perspective of an undercover cop. There's a metaphor about national character in there somewhere.

This one – about Switzerland voting to abolish institutional multilingualism and mandating French as the only official language – at least delivers some laughs in the opening half-hour, before it becomes obvious how limited its imagination truly is, sidestepping practically all of the potentially critical or satirical implications suggested by its premise that don't involve making fun of hapless civil servants. Obviously, I'm not expecting a movie like this to fundamentally wrestle with the questions about democracy, populism, and mass manipulation Switzerland's system of initiatives and referenda raises – but you'd think, in the year of our lord 2023, you could come up with a stronger take than "if things go truly wrong, it's definitely not the fault of the system, and nobody really dislikes anyone in this country anyway."

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