Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World

Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World ★★★★★

Locarno Film Festival 2023 #6

Uwe Boll. TikTok. Matsuo Bashō. Ernst Kantorowicz. Zoom. Andrew Tate. Handwritten end credits. A Godardian reappraisal of a Romanian film from 1981. A belated spritual sequel to The Happiest Girl in the World. Nina Hoss. 163 minutes of Radu Jude firing on all cylinders, taking aim at everything from Romania selling itself for parts to Western Europe and the limits of Charlie Hebdo-style caricature ("Aren't you afraid they'll call you a Putinist?") to the intractable pervasiveness of anti-Romani prejudice, the dangers of Romanian roads, and the tendency of capitalism to blame its own failings on the spectral remnants of communism. A consistently hilarious, deeply troubling report from the end of the world, where we're all still going to work and pretend like the current job isn't that bad and the one next week is bound to be better – and where only shitposts and cultural theory can keep us from losing what's left of our minds. "Theologically speaking, we're good." "We walk on the roof of hell, gazing at flowers (eh!)."

Hats off to Jude for making a press screening erupt in applause at the end.

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