Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★

A Hollywood history of Fred Hampton's death, complete with a questionable choice of narrative point of view, simplified characterisations, and a conspicuous de-emphasising of radical politics. But in King's more than able hands – and with help from an excellent Daniel Kaluuya – this is still pretty riveting stuff, able to rise above the constraints placed on it by Hollywood storytelling.

Also, the film, at its heart, still manages to make quite a powerful anti-capiatlist case, with Hampton and O'Neal both ending up as victims of racial and economic inequality interweaving.

I'm very curious how it holds up upon repeat viewings, particularly if said rewatches happen in a cinema – because while I may end up being less kind to the movie's shortcomings next time, Sean Bobbitt's cinematography and Shaka King's sense of the grandiose will definitely get a boost from a big screen. So ultimately, jury's probably still out on this one.

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