May December

May December ★★★★

ZFF 2023 #36

While its immediate impact might have been strengthened by a more emphatic dedication to its most outrageously campy elements, I think the film is ultimately better served by Haynes not indulging in that kind of instant gratification. While May December does enough to signal to its audience that its melodrama is to be taken with a grain of salt, it reins in the self-awareness to such an extent that one is forced to still engage with the ideas that are being presented. And I think those ideas – about the constructedness of identity, the ways in which reality is shaped by retroactive narratives, the baseline perversity that's required to be a functioning adult – are more interesting than a more straightforward farce would have been. Very much looking forward to revisiting this and appreciating Moore and Portman's performances in all their jagged and layered glory.

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