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  • A Private War

    A Private War


    This movie tried to be so many things and wasn't very successful at most of them. Considering the subject matter, it should've been heartbreaking, even devastating, but I couldn't feel a thing about any of the characters or the life-threatening situations they put themselves in. There are some powerful scenes involving the subjects of Marie's articles, and some truly gorgeous location shots, but overall I just felt like it wanted so badly to be Oscar material that it almost became…

  • The Mule

    The Mule


    This is such a mixed bag of a movie. The trailer made it seem as serious as a heart attack, but it's weirdly humorous (although I didn't actually laugh) and more of a sentimental story about family than a badass drama.

    The dialogue was absolutely terrible and the plot was only slightly better, but I left just kind of shaking my head instead of just straight hating it.

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  • Foxtrot



    Totally blown away by this film, and I don't think there's anything else like it. It definitely takes an emotional toll on the viewer, and I had a physical reaction to a couple of scenes, but it's so worth working through all of that to be able to witness such a real, raw, flawlessly told story.

  • The Wife

    The Wife


    I'm torn about this movie. Despite the story being quite unspectacular, as a woman I related strongly to it, and it had more emotional impact than the somewhat weak plot should've invoked. I'm fairly sure a non-female viewer would not find the same pull in this film, but I was almost talking back to the screen as I'd had my fill of Joe's ridiculous egomania about 30 minutes in.

    Glenn Close gives a predictably great performance, but I don't think…