Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

I jumped at the chance to see this before it was released (for free, no less), and it was a packed house. I started off laughing and found it very cute and charming, but about 30 minutes in, I lost the humor. It's not that I stopped finding it funny, exactly, but I think it's just a fine line for me with the subject matter (much like I'm unable to laugh at anything/everything stupid that Trump does, or parodies of him), and it became a bit one-note. It seemed like I was the only one who stopped laughing, though, so I'm guessing others didn't feel the same way I did.

I didn't have a problem with the switch in tone about 3/4 through, like many people seem to have; instead, I found it welcome and it worked better for me than the parody that filled the majority of the movie.

The acting is superb, especially Roman Griffin Davis as JoJo - the fact that the film worked as well as it did rests entirely on his shoulders, although the supporting cast is fantastic as well (with the exception of Rebel Wilson). Tomasin McKenzie is perfect as Elsa, and gives such a nuanced, beautiful performance for the most complicated character of the entire film.

I knew "Helden" would be the soundtrack for the movie's last scene as soon as I heard it in the trailer, and it definitely helped create a beautiful closing. I didn't feel the emotion that was somewhat forced through manipulative means (which is why it failed to touch me), but I was able to see the beauty of the intent, and the only moment that came close to making me teary was the quote at the end. I definitely appreciate the reason this film was made, even if I didn't find it entirely successful.

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