No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

Lots of disparate thoughts at the moment. Just walked out of the midnight screening. Kinda weird that Craig's last Bond is his only one that I have no strong feelings on either way. Lots of little things that had the fanatic in me screaming with joy (I'm pretty sure the climax takes place in a repurposed set from the end of Tomorrow Never Dies). Cast are all strong, especially Lashana Lynch. Gut feeling is that this needs to be Purvis' and Wade's last script. Any fresh ideas brought to the table feel like a Phoebe Waller-Bridge addition. Would enjoy a Bond film where she has full control of the script, but probably won't happen. There's a scene in a stairwell towards the end that is fabulous, I would liken it most to the infamous corridor scene in the raid.
Final thoughts for tonight are that this feels like a Bond film I've enjoyed immediately because of the event and the context surrounding it. I have a sad suspicion that this may be one that drops out of favour on multiple rewatches. Looks like I'm seeing it again this weekend with friends, and might be going to see in IMAX later down the line.

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