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  • Master, a Building in Copacabana

    Master, a Building in Copacabana


    It humanizes the many people we cross-paths with everyday. All these neighbours we barely recognize, have a lifetime of experiences to tell. The aesthetic is very digital, but the variety of spaces the filmcrew explores is so broad, that I was visual interested all along. The camera never leaves the building, but we listen to stories from all over the globe - near and far.

    A precursor to Humans Of New York.

  • Entranced Earth

    Entranced Earth


    Glauber Rocha was a genius. A reference in cinema I, as a brazilian, cherish deeply.

    From 1964 to 1985, Brazil was under military dictatorship. It was a move from the USA government and right-wing brazilian parties to gain power by strength under the excuse of “avoiding the communist threat”. The country went thought tough repression. Lots of people died fighting for freedom and democracy

    This film is about the possibility of achieving what many would call “a leftist utopia”: a…