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First movie of 2019 is a fucking doozy. I'm going to break this review up into 2 parts, my review before any deep analysis and reading about the film, and my thoughts after. Here we go.

BEFORE ANALYSIS: Probably some Spoilers ahead.

What in the good fuck did I just watch? I feel like I need to fucking meditate and focus on my breathing after watching this. Im slightly terrified and beyond confused. Was the whole thing a dream? Was half of it a dream? Who the flying fuck is the lady with the blue hair? Who is that scary ass bum who is definitely HIV+? HOW THE FUCK DID BILLY RAY CYRUS SNEAK ON SET? Don't just show me Billy Ray and expect me not to address that shit. I have so many fucking questions and I just want some answers.


I'm all for films that challenge you and make you think, but I don't think I have the cognitive brain power to process this shit. I think I understand the plot and deeper meanings but I still can't understand his "why" yet. I need to know why he is showing me certain things. I need to know why the characters do the things they do, and why those characters exist. Once I find that, I will be fully on board. So my new life goal is to one day understand this movie. But I must admit, this is so fucking well done. I have never seen anything quite like this before, but you can just tell by watching this how much it has inspired other film makers. If David Lynch hasn't actually murdered someone in real life yet, I'll be shocked. I feel like his entire filmography can just be named, David Lynch Presents: My Personal Manifesto. I haven't even seen any of his other films but I can just tell this dude has a few screws loose. Is this really supposed to be his most tame film? Are you shitting me? But wow he can direct like a motherfucker. And when I say direct, I mean absolutely control every aspect of his movie. I'm pretty sure this film is a masterpiece but how the fuck is anyone supposed to come to that conclusion on their first watch?? I can see myself absolutely loving this one day.

Fuck yes/10

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