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  • Once Upon a Deadpool

    Once Upon a Deadpool


    -While the Princess Bride framing device doesn't crop up nearly as often as it should, the Fred Savage stuff is great; he bounces well off Deadpool, and even offers some pointed jabs at the film's own weaknesses ("You fridged her?!").
    -Stick around for the final post-credits scene; it's shockingly and surprisingly heartfelt.

    -They didn't lean nearly hard enough into the PG-13 cut joke; it's more or less a TV-edit of Deadpool 2, complete with bleeping or re-dubbing of…

  • Aquaman



    "And Now, a Brief List of Just Some of the Goofy Shit You’ll See in Aquaman:

    -An octopus plays the drums.
    -A goat does a double take.
    -Giant sea turtles being used as cargo haulers.
    -People firing machine guns and rocket launchers inside the world’s roomiest submarine, apparently to no ill effect.
    -Armies of giant crabs fight fish-men who shoot underwater lasers while riding sharks.
    -Characters say things like “Where I come from, the sea carries our tears away”.
    -Two words: WINE KNIVES. Not wine bottle knives; knives made of wine."

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


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    "In the final estimation, Blade Runner 2049’s legacy will be estimated by both its ability to capture the spirit of the original and tell an enticing story in its own right. By virtually every measure, it succeeds — whether it’s in Villeneuve’s careful, calculating directorial eye, Deakins’ sharp, distinct cinematography, or the film’s eye-popping visual design.

    It may seem premature to ascribe the word ‘masterpiece’ to the legacyquel of a heady sci-fi head-scratcher from the ‘80s, but its audacity and formal perfection – not to mention its thematic weight – leave no other alternative."

  • The Choice

    The Choice


    What white nonsense is this?