Hereditary ★★★½

This was an assault to the senses; its sinister imagery and sounds will sear into your subconscious and pollute your soul. My eyes welled up with tears because of how disturbing it was – at some points, I wish I had skipped it altogether.

The sound design deserves the praise it’s receiving; it’s vaguely reminiscent of this year’s Annihilation, but the sense of dread is multiplied tenfold.

I wanted to call this the Mulholland Drive of horror films, as it thrived on its ambiguity, but it eventually faltered to rough exposition. Did Ari Aster not trust the audience’s intelligence? Or was he merely ensuring we had a fully comprehensive experience, that his vision wasn’t misinterpreted?

As a feature film debut, it’s incredibly ambitious. Not everything feels justified - particularly the gruesome scenes - and I feel some of its praise stems from us being able to don the invisible I Survived The Terrors of Hereditary badge. I’m sure the think-pieces that’ll follow will help change my mind since there is no way in hell I’m revisiting this one.

Bravo, Mr. Aster!

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