Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★

Edit (06/09/2021): yes, I have since revisited Sicario. Please stop reminding me how poorly this review has aged in the comments lol. 

High tension bolstered by sleek camerawork and incredible sound—think Sicario, but greener. And rainier. And a lot more gunfights (all superb, at that). 

We’re treated to thicc Affleck who’s in top form, delivering a morally complex character that’s surprisingly good; Oscar Isaac, suave and badass as all hell, sporting a sprint and demeanour that would make Tom Cruise think twice. Oscar as an action lead never crossed my mind but he’s clearly a natural.

It’s a ton of seriously well-made fun. Rallying the old gang for one last job has been done to death but rarely by a talent like Chandor, and very seldom with a cast of this dramatic range.

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