Your Name.

Your Name.

Your Name connected with me on a level that movies rarely do. Makoto Shinkai has crafted a beautiful coming of age tale about young love and the flow of time.

Your Name starts out as a comedy about two young people switching bodies in their dreams. Unlike a lot of other slice of life comedies, Shinkai's work treats its characters, their bodies and lives elegantly and gracefully, never exploitative. Shinkai's script is intelligent and clever. It's intelligent because it explores the changes in spoken language as well as body language. It's clever because it does so with honest humor and never once uses a stupid gender panic joke.

Then, when the movie reaches the halfway point, it evolves and changes into something entirely different. The ideas and themes mentioned in the first half are translated into visuals - this is what movies are made for. It doesn't need to spell things out for you. It explains the rough idea, then gives you visual puzzle pieces which you can put together yourself. And by the time twilight finally sets in, you realize that this movie is something special, something to be treasured.

It's on top of that one of the most gorgeous animated films I've ever seen, the fluidity of movement is impressive. It's complex and detailed, too. You could almost take any image from this, frame it and hang it onto your wall.

The score's pretty great as well. Shinkai knows when to just rely on a single piano playing a melancholic melody and when to use an orchestrated score. At the same time, he often lets complete silence dictate his work; giving us a couple of moments that go without any kind of sound or music. It all works together perfectly, during quiet as well as grand scenes. There are a couple of voiced songs in this, and they all fit and never break the flow of the movie. Definitely watch the original version with subtitles, though. Not only are the japanese voice actors doing a fantastic job, you will also get to enjoy Radwimp's songs in the way they were meant to be heard.

At this point, it should be clear that I absolutely love Your Name. I adore it. I laughed, I was shaken, gloomy yet hopeful and spellbound by the beautiful art and animation.