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  • Hairspray



    April 30th 2021

    Easily the best "modern" movie musical I've seen in a good bit. Super cheeky, self aware and fun. Very horny film. The "can't we all get along" racial politics are so insane and dumb that they circle back around from being cringe to being weirdly endearing. (Tracey not knowing what racism is, starting a civil rights movement, inciting a riot. It takes it so far that it's funny)

    The soundtrack bangs super hard, and I appreciate that…

  • The Kid

    The Kid


    April 29th 2021

    I had never seen what Chaplin looked like without his Tramp getup on---- I can't believe how sexy he is.

    Jack Coonan is a terrific child actor. His dough eyes are super powerful.

    There is some very lovely slapstick in this one, but much like Chaplin's other stuff, the heart of this thing is what makes it all feel cohesive. He's a very earnest filmmaker.

    I have 2 problems with this one. 1. Is that its a…

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  • The Iron Lady

    The Iron Lady

    January 1st 2021,

    I've decided to watch a movie every day during 2021, and on a whim I chose to kick things off with The Iron Lady

    And what a shitty start to my year this was. This movie is just so bad. Tory propaganda, through and through. Literally makes protesters of Thatcher look like monsters. They show the IRA bombings of British government targets but don't mention the fucking death squads Thatcher set up in Ireland. Bullshit. There are…

  • 8th Annual On Cinema Oscar Special

    8th Annual On Cinema Oscar Special

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    April 25th

    The technical mishaps sadly did get in the way of my enjoyment- I missed Oscar fever! That being said, you have to give Tim, Gregg, Eric and Justin some slack as they're basically out in the wild at this point.

    Toni and Matt are such great additions to the show. Something about Toni makes my skin crawl. Every scene with her, the vibes are just so bad.

    It's funny how comically useless Laroux is. For being such a…