Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

I have a small story to tell so tl;dr it's really great I would recommend.

Now a while back ago I had a friend who had a girlfriend at the time. He and I wanted to go to a concert that was a little far away so it would've ended up being kind of a road trip of sorts. His girlfriend also caught wind of our plan and said she wanted to go too. We told her we might end up missing school for it and that it would be quite the drive. She loved the idea because we were all great friends.

There was one thing she said that dawned on me just now. She had told us: "this is gonna be like Tu Mama Tambien!" Both of us just laughed pretending to understand but now I do. Did she want to have sex with both of us on the road trip? Did she want us all to fight? Because in hindsight that's what I'm getting and she was the type of person to instigate something like that. So weird.

We didn't end up going to that concert tho. So yeah this one was a real eye-opener for me guys and not the way I was anticipating.

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