Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★½

kinda sad because I was so hyped for this but honestly I thought it was underwhelming. tom holland was so sweet as the new spider-man but I actually choked when he said "I'm 15" like hun. no you're not. I found most of the other characters extremely irritating tbh and it bothered me seeing tony revolori playing a dickhead because that's just not him sorry he couldn't pull it off! michael keaton was good as birdman 2.0 but there was nothing likeable about liz and I thought aunt may was way too young and even zendaya's character just didn't do much for me. too long and a bit slow at times but parts were fun I guess. overall I just think this could have been a lot better idk! disappointed! extra half a star for that tiny clip from ferris bueller's day off and also for childish gambino! best part of the whole movie

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