Victoria ★★★★

Aside from the obvious logistical and technical prowess that is inherent to the one shot technique, Victoria embraces both the strengths and the limitations of the format to tell a story in a simplistic but incredibly engaging manner, and proves that there is more to it beyond its premise.

The conflict escalates naturally and exponentially, reaching Safdie Brothers levels of anxiety and intensity and the rawness of the performances and dialogue largely contribute to the neverending escalation of tension.

It does however, have moments and scenes that do feel like they're there mainly to gain time until the next thing happens or that simply couldn't be avoided in order to get from point A to point B both physically and story-wise and even though they slow the pace and cut some of the rythm of the story, they are also not totally useless, as they give the performances room to breathe and make for some good character moments that fill the gaps nicely.

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