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  • The Matrix
  • Contact

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  • Little Boxes

    Little Boxes


    Nice film. Reminded me of reading a good book. Not a bunch overrated Hollywood fanfare. Great actors as everyday people. Spot on with the move into white suburbia. I've been there, done that. Felt good to watch something I've lived through and know I'm not alone in what I experienced. The only bone I have to pick is the scene where the little girl undresses. That was unnecessary. The audience gets the point without teaching a young actress that this is what women have to do to prove themselves in a movie. Starting them way too young.

  • Arrival



    Unimaginative Hollywood contrived snoozefest. The film Contact was a masterpiece compared to this. And I'm still trying to figure out why Jeremy Renner is in this film. You could eliminate his presence altogether actually...because the only purpose he serves is as the sperm donor, literally. Which is why this is an unimaginative Hollywood contrived snoozefest. I was hoping for more after hearing all of the hype.

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  • You Carry Me

    You Carry Me


    Initially, I was a bit concerned that this film was 2 hrs 37 min. It is rare that a film can hold someone's attention that long, and to my surprise, I found this film quite engaging, a breath of fresh air from Hollywood plot devices. For anyone wanting to get a peek into urban Croatian life, this is an excellent introduction. The characters are raw, emotionally charged, subtle where it needs to be, dreamy in some places, dramatic in others.…

  • Fifty Shades of Black

    Fifty Shades of Black

    I've walked out on one film in my entire life. Had I been in a theater, this would have been a second walk-out. If I walk out on a film, there is something very seriously wrong because I've sat through some pretty bad stuff. I rented this film, and 15 minutes later, I threw the Redbox case at the front door (with the disc inside). This is the worst film I've ever seen. Wayans cannot use Parody to defend this waste of talent. Degrading filth. Nothing redeemable about it. 0 Stars