Heaven Knows What ★★★★★

Finally saw this at a movie theater 30min away from house and man am I happy I was finally able to see this. The movie permeates this hazy fuzzed out aura often refracted off the lighting perfectly paralleling the drugged out minds of the characters we're following. The score and frequent close ups allow the viewer to constantly feel the emotions of each character even when the movie becomes sort of monotonous, the otherwordly atmosphere and empathy you feel for these characters never fade. This is one of those movies that you watch and find yourself having to readjust your senses post viewing. I didn't think about anything else except this movie when I was watching it. I didn't feel like I was in New Orleans, I felt like I was on the streets of New York with these addicts, with these people, with these human beings with hopes and dreams. I felt connected. I can't help but carry these characters outside the theater with me. I hope you're okay Arielle. RIP Ilya.

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