Raw ★★★★

Raw succeeds in the fact that it doesn't take it's storyline too seriously, letting the absurd chaos of cannibalistic familial relationships take over into a spiraling knot of abject intrigue and dark irony.

Shirts, bandaids, and puke bags were handed out before the screening to add to the ridiculousness of such an experience. The age range between the audience must've been somewhere between 24-64. People were so consistently audible it felt like a comedy stage play, not a movie.

Instead of a plausible cohesive plot were greeted with a serving of some of the funnest and most bat shit insane B movie entertainment you'll ever see in theaters. I highly recommend bringing your parents, your kids, or any one of friends that has no idea movies like this even exist. You'll be sure to brighten up their day and scare them into panic attacks while you laugh giddily through all 90 minutes.

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