The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★½

Am I missing something? Like could someone please fill me in the comment section as to why I felt absolutely nothing towards this film. Given im not the biggest fan of heavy dialogue, narration, or exposition -- I don't like a movie where a character is telling me how they feel or what's going on -- I just like to feel it out, I thought this might be an exception.

All the mystery in this movie was completely lost on me and felt fairly easy to predict. I didn't feel deceived or anticipating more by The Handmaiden. I felt cheated. I felt like the psychosexual undertones were super weak and cheap. At the least I wanted to feel some sense of discomfort in certain scenes or some sense of shock but alas nothing.

Is this a critique on the trappings of intimate relationships? As a man, am I suppose to be taken away and look internally into the way in which I might control sexual situations due to my masculine tendencies? Should I be awe struck and intrugued by the odd sense of nurturing between the two female leads? Was I supposed to be disturbed by a scene of (possible) sexual mutilation? Should I feel a sense of bewilderment due to to the ever changing and shifting ideals of identity in the movie?

I don't know. I just feel absolutely nothing towards The Handmaiden. And maybe that's the point but I'll be damned if there isn't more to be desired.

"Well at least I have my dick intact."

Honestly just chop it off next time so I can feel something.

Set designs were cool though.

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