Yi Yi ★★★★★

I'm in a daze. Is this what boxers feel after an intense fight? Did I just live a lifetime in a movie? I can't begin to explain just how overwhelmed I feel right now. I've been holding off watching Yi Yi for a while now, and shame on me. This movie ran me over. Laid me completely flat on my back counting the tiles in the ceiling. The amount of sheer beauty gently leaking into and out of every frame is borderline paralyzing in the best way possible. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie alone and audibly cried to myself. Like some serious wailing was going on during a couple scenes. Specifically the scene in which the young boy stumbles into a screening inside of a movie theater. And secondly, the scene at the end which practically made me fall over. Go into this absolutely blind. The runtime might seem slightly intimidating, and it does require a certain patience. But beyond that runtime, and beyond a certain level of exhaustion that comes with such a sweeping dramatic epic, the rewards are constant, staggering, over powering, and everlasting. I think I have a new favorite movie of all time.

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