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  • Paint Your Wagon

    Paint Your Wagon


    Can't believe Roger Ebert led me to believe that this was "scandalous cinematic waste" for my entire life. He did the same with Heaven's Gate, Brown Bunny, even Freddy Got Fingered. He'll always be the one that got me into this filthy art form and while I still and always will enjoy his writings I'm sure as hell glad that I've outgrown his POV and learned to love movies in my own way. I mean, he's probably 100% correct on…

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  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    Took off work just to see Tony Leung walk around that library all slick & cool in 35mm. Tequila making the Tequila Slammer in the opening as it cuts back and forth to the bright red background of opening credits (apparently the red background/credits might be exclusive to the 35mm print? Can't find it on YouTube.) is just about the most gorgeous thing I've seen on actual film. It and all that beautiful grain that bleeds from it will forever be burned into my mind. Completely sold out theater which proves that there is still beauty to be found in a sometimes cruel world.

  • Dead Heat

    Dead Heat


    Like a mash up of Evil Dead 2 and Big Trouble in Little China if the entire cast & crew had a heart attack from an extremely greasy cheeseburger combo at a pretty good but not good restaurant on the city's health inspector's shit list and still came into work the next day despite still feeling fatigued and totally crazed. Wouldn't be shocked if all of them have had fever dreams of working on this at least once every few weeks…

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  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    Sex, Lies, and Videotape


    I was always peeved that this film won the Palme d'Or over Spike Lee's film. So much that when I first watched it, a few years ago when I was getting started in film, I turned it off after 15 minutes and claimed it to be one of those film classics that I didn't approve of. Because I was being edgy back then. Finally coming back for a full viewing on a Saturday afternoon, I prove my young self-worth wrong…

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    How can you tell if someone saw The Hateful Eight in 70mm?

    Don't worry, they'll tell you.

    Just like myself.

    I saw The Hateful Eight in 70mm.

    And it was glorious.

    I do question the use of 70mm for a film of Hateful Eight's scale, though. While it does lead to the best shot/opening shot of all of Tarantino's films only the beginning 30% of the film takes place in the wide snowy plains of Wyoming while the other 70%…