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This review may contain spoilers.

I think the ending song is the only reason this hit MAX three stars for me.

It was good, and it held my attention!! And it was SCARY, but then they brought in social commentary on cancel/rape culture (which honest to god led to NOWHERE), and then they brought up different plot points which you never EVER got closure on, and it seemed like they wanted to say so much for a horror film. And once it hit the hour 20ish mark it got goofy towards the end. The final girl was amazing, and honestly I hope she gets into more stuff but there were too many plot holes for me to be like “yea! Great movie would see again!” Like why didn’t they WARN her about any of this shit if everyone (but her and the Airbnb dude) KNEW?? Listen it was a fun movie, but it’s definitely not something I would put on if I wanted a horror movie!

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