Thor: Love and Thunder

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Thor to (REDACTED) - “Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you wanna go fucking batshit crazy?” 

Surprisingly really good!! Tessa was AMAZING!! Christian Bale was so fucking weird during this it was amazing!!! Did Not see Taika unfortunately so I did take away one star cause I miss him! And the colors of EVERYTHING and the MUSIC?? Insane!!!!!
I kinda hope this is the “end” of Thor, just cause Chris is really the only “Avenger” left and you can really tell how old he’s gotten, but he still did an amazing job! I also loved how they just dropped in “oh my girlfriend/boyfriend”, there was no “oh you’re GAY?” It was just made to be normal, and it was honestly really nice. Tessa was also hot btw. So was Natalie Portman btw ❤️And there ARE two end credit scenes so you have to stay until the end of the credits

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