365 Days ★★

"Plot? Where we're going, we don't need a plot."

I have so many questions, most importantly, who is this movie for -- like what is the key demographic?

Clearly it's geared towards women, or at least the stereotype of a woman, as 90% of the film is sex, shopping and the female lead being the object of desire of a rich, good looking, powerful man. But it lacks maturity, dialogue straight out of a terribly written fanfic, that I can't imagine any adult woman being able to sit through this without cringing.

I am so perplexed by some of the decisions that were made in the making of this. There are a number of expensive aerial shots but they couldn't afford a decent blonde wig for the lead?

What happened to Massimo that caused a perfectly straight line of bruises down his torso? Do the two of them know showers aren’t just getting yourself wet, soap is usually involved? What is actually happening between the two rival mafias and what did Massimo do to “solve” it?

Absence of plot aside, it's still mildly entertaining in a "it's so bad, it's watchable" kind of way. I definitely laughed in spots that weren't meant to be funny.

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