Aquaman ★★★

Main goal was see the new panoramic theatre in Canada - so 5/5 for accomplishing that mission.

Did this movie feel like it was four hours long? Yes.
Is Jason Momoa incredibly charming and easy to get behind? Also yes.

The plot was choppy and full of holes, with some of the dialogue causing physical pain to hear (you can pull a muscle from cringing). But overall enjoyable and a lot of it's faults were covered up with the visuals -- my god, the visuals! Great cinematography with a few shots that are downright stunning.

Purists hoping for devotion to source material may be disappointed. A more appropriate name for this flick would be Momoa-Man or Manmoa.

Shout out to scoring Sigur Ros for the soundtrack and the montage of Black Manta constructing his evil suit, which felt like it was pulled from a completely separate 80s flick.