Capone ★★★

I could watch Tom Hardy shit his way out of a paper bag and still be entertained. This man oozes charisma...and shit, have we talked about the shit?

This may be Tom Hardy's gruntiest performance yet.

I don't honestly know what to make of what I just watched and maybe I'll come back to this review once I wrap my head around it.

There are components in here to enjoy -- it's beautifully shot, Hardy gives a hell of a performance (all may not appreciate it) and hey, is that Mickey Milkovich?

Trank has a vision with this piece that I appreciate but unfortunately it falls flat.  Opting to spend most of the time with a camera shoved in Hardy's face (I mean...I don't blame him) it causes the rest of the film to suffer.  A barely there plot, limps to the climax and the rest of the characters are mere white noise.