High Life ★★★★

Captivating as all hell with so many stunning visuals (can we talk about that title sequence?). I wanted to look away but couldn’t – I wanted it to be over but I wanted to know what happened next.

I saw a film years ago, called Tyrannosaur (which I recommend, although good luck looking at Eddie Marsan the same way ever again) and the director introduced the film by stating that it had been described to him as “not something you watch but something you endure,” which I think is an appropriate descriptor for this film.

Sending the dredges of humanity up into space – prisoners with life sentences – enclosing them in vessel with no chance of returning to earth and let’s see what happens. Let’s not forget to ensure a succubus obsessed with creating life, with no moral qualms on how she gets there is also on board.

If you’re familiar with Claire Denis’ work you may be prepared for what you’re about to witness but it did prove too much for some at the premiere (at least ¼ of the theatre walked out - I did enjoy peering around at the audience to see all of the horrified faces).

It’s graphic, it’s uncomfortable and it felt like it was a million years long – kind of what I think being trapped in space feels like.

Not an easy film to carry. This Pattinson fellow continues to impress me.